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Simple Room

$148 / Week
  • One Bed
  • Half-board/Diner
  • Free WIFI

Double Room

$296 / Week
  • 2 Beds
  • Half-board/Diner
  • Free WIFI

Studio 2/Per

$264 / Week
  • Free WIFI
  • + 1 Child free
  • Cleaning 1x/week

Additional Services

Bahomestay Guide

$22 / Week
  • Visits
  • Advices
  • All Help

Landry Service

$5 / once
  • Wash
  • Dry
  • Fold

Phone Service

$6 / Week
  • Calls
  • Web
  • SMS

Airport TRANSFERT rabat

$37 / once
  • Airport to Host
  • Host to Airport

Airport Transfert Casa

$74 / once
  • Airport to Host
  • Host to Airport

Other additional services

$ask / ask
  • Ask for
  • Ask for

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Our Hosts Families

Bahomestay manager having tea with a family host mother
Bahomestay Manager having Moroccan Tea with host family mother

Our host families have been chosen with care. they are all located in the old medina of rabat in the heart of the city.

The choice of the medina is motivated by the location and by the characteristics of the traditional families of rabat.

Host families receive students in their homes, in individual rooms equipped with the necessary for studying, all homes are equipped with wifi.

Students will learn with our families, our customs, moroccan cuisine and a part of history of Moroccan culture.

We will be happy to find a perfect family for you.

How To Become a Host Family

Host families have a strong link with Moroccan culture. They are the bridge between the past and the present.

They maintain the transmission of our customs and of our ancient traditions. this is why their choice is very important for Bahomestay and the safir company. You wish to apply to become a host family, you must have :

  • a clean and well-equipped house
  • Private bedroom with one or two beds occupancy
  • WIFI 24/7 
  • Bathroom with hot water
  • To be located near Bahomestay 5 to 15 mns

If you meet all of these requirements please feel free to download and complete this form. 

We will contact you to give you instructions for the admission steps

Moroccan Life Style

Maure Coffee Kasbah Des Oudayas
hammam avec bahomestay


Steaming bath/Hammam

Living Room

Some of moroccan cakes

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